VOTE FOR MIKE on November 7th
Anderson for Lawrence

Lawrence is a community brimming with smart, talented, and hardworking individuals. As I’ve come to know our city as home, and been drawn into the wonderful community of people, I’ve been filled with a desire to become increasingly involved.

But I see a problem: Voter turnout in these critical municipal elections is only 12% to 14%. I think this is because many voters in Lawrence feel marginalized and don’t have a candidate they can be excited about.

Instead of the same old, same old, we need a leader who can think differently about our problems. We need a leader who can develop creative solutions. We need a leader who can put the best interests of the whole community above those of a few.

I will be that leader. I promise that when I am one of your city commissioners, YOU WILL BE HEARD.

I ask for your vote in the Election on November 7th.